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Head for bustling William Hilton Parkway for lunch at Java Burrito Company. Keep your eyes peeled for the shopping plaza; because of strict building codes, most signage and structure exteriors look about the same. (For example, you’ll find a McDonald’s but you won’t see any golden arches.) But trust us, any scavenger hunt for the Mexican grill will prove worthwhile. If you could imagine a Chipotle undertaking a massive, industrial-inspired renovation and adding a cozy coffee shop, you’ll get a feel for the space. Russell doesn’t have a song dedicated to the delicious local snapper tacos yet, but he might want to consider it. Burritos made from sustainably raised chicken and beef are music to your taste buds, too.

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Hilton Head Monthly's Readers' Choice Winner
Winner for Best Burrito in 2014 and 2015. Monthly celebrates local businesses and communities with the 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards, the “best of the best” places to shop, dine and live, as voted by their readers.

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From the moment Java Burrito Company opened its spacious and cheerful burrito and coffee bar, people started flocking in. The secret of their instant success? They have the right attitude, a perfect atmosphere, and very good food. Part of their philosophy is knowing the name of the boat your fish came in, knowing the name of every farm you work with, and knowing exactly what you put on your guests’ plates.

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Success hinges on the ingredients. Any intrepid traveler, entrepreneur, or chef will confirm that a trip without a map, a business without a plan, or a soufflé without an egg just doesn’t come out all that well.

The cool kids at Java Burrito Company in The Village at Wexford on Hilton Head Island know just how essential the right ingredients are to their booming business. Owners Michael Fekete and Fredrika Liene Hakansson arrived in the Lowcountry with inspiration and ideas sufficient to see them successfully through the first anniversary of their Mexican grill and specialty coffee café, and far beyond, where the ingredients and the customers drive everything they do.

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Pink Magazine!
Whether you are just visiting or a true local, one of the most popular questions to hear is, “Where is the hottest spot in town?” Well, do I have a new one for you! Java Burrito Company is serving up a fresh, fast casual Burrito Bar and Coffee Bar that is making a new name for farm-to-table food!

Java Burrito Co. is new to the Hilton Head scene with less than a year under their belt; nevertheless they are making waves on the island. Their “Delicious. Fresh. Goodness” attitude is taking farm-to-table to a whole new level. Located in the North Village of the Village at Wexford, Java Burrito Co. is serving breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a full service Specialty Coffee Bar stocked with locally roasted beans and organic milk products. The fun farm-chic atmosphere begs you to sit down and enjoy all that they have to offer for a true Java Burrito Co. experience!

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Eat It & Like It!
Since they opened their doors in April of this year, Java Burrito Co. has become one of the most popular spots on the island for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, offering burritos, bowls, tacos and salads. The chicken, pork and beef are humanely raised, hormone-free, antibiotic free, they allow no MSG in their ingredients and provide many gluten-free choices. Customers choose to be more informed about the food they are eating and this one of the reasons Java Burrito Co. has made such a splash even before its very first birthday. For those who crave a burrito that is made with care and with the multitude of toppings, it is very apparent this burrito bar is not just any burrito bar. Swordfish, barrel fish, tile fish and other local fish make delectable tacos and they even know the name of the fishing boat bringing in the catch – an example of just how connected they are to their suppliers.

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The Culture Trip!
Java Burrito Company has been featured as one of the TOP TEN restaurants in Hilton Head Island, SC. Did you ever go to a coffee place and wish that they had the option of a burrito with your cappuccino, or go to a burrito place and wish that they only served a decent cup of joe? With Java Burrito Co., all of those problems are solved. Not only can you get these two things together, but they place a huge emphasis on the quality of their ingredients and the importance of sustainable farming. To that end, all of their meat is raised humanely, without any antibiotics or hormones. The coffee is all locally roasted, and they only buy fair trade coffee. So have the biggest burrito with a refreshing iced coffee to wash it down, and don’t feel guilty at all.

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Daufuskie Front Porch
After an informal poll of Daufuskie Island residents, Java Burrito Company has been named the number one lunch spot on Hilton Head Island, S.C..

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